Lancia, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW or any Oldtimer: Sportscars are not just cars. Those powerful vehicles are companions of an uncountable value, financially as well as ideationally. They are nice to watch, but much nicer to ride. On the one hand they can be treasures, on the other hand they are sort of a philosophy of life. Like anything priceless, sportscars deserve the best service possible.

As experts for exclusive brands we know about their meaning to their onwers. Since April 2012 B & B Services GmbH has become your No. 1 address around Allgäu regarding business with exclusive sports- and racing cars . However, business is more than just buying and selling – it is about, finding your car of your dreams. We offer the best service possible and the highest level of professionalism, which is much more adequate, than just reasonable.

Service shouldn’t stop after you got your keys. Moreover, we can offer you a long-term full-care-package. In cooperation with our partners from BR Motorsport we built up a soild foundation of not less than a twelve-years-experience in repairing, restoring, tuning, coating and maintaining, usually undertaken with the sensitivity and the passion necessary. And if you wish to re-discover your "fellow″ on racetrack, B & B Services GmbH can also provide you a wide program of racing support.